Could Atlanta be the next tech hub?

AJC: Atlanta on shortlist for Amazon HQ2

Late last year, Amazon announced its plan to expand its massive company by forming a second headquarters, and wherever “HQ2″ lands, it will bring an estimated 50,000 jobs to that area. With such a powerful economic prize on the line, cities around the country began courting the tech giant to come to them. In all, over 238 cities submitted a proposal. A few weeks ago, that list was narrowed to 20, and ATL was on the shortlist. So what does this mean for homeowners?

Well, it shows that Atlanta is making major efforts to attract jobs to the community, and that Atlanta has a vibrant culture which can attract a company looking to provide its employees a great place to live and work. From sports to music to food, Atlanta is the place to be, and a company like Amazon being enticed by our city is proof that Atlanta is on the map. The more vibrant the economy and the culture, the more value it adds to your home. As the saying goes,”location, location, location.”